Lose you License

If you have been charged with DUI in Oconee County, Georgia, you are facing not only the criminal case, but also the civil matter of the Administrative License Suspension (ALS) Hearing. When you are charged with DUI in Oconee County, you only have 10 business days to file for an ALS Hearing. The consequences for not filing the request for the hearing include, but are not limited to, losing your driver’s license. If you refused the state-administered test (or the officer alleges that you refused) the license suspension lasts a full 12 months. During a “refusal suspension,” no limited permits are
available. The penalty is harsh, but it can easily be avoided. Our Oconee County DUI Attorneys will file the 10 day letter along with the required $150 filing fee. Once the 10 day letter is filed, the suspension can either be avoided or at least (in the event of multiple offenders) postponed. The criminal case in Oconee County will happen either way. It is your choice to act and request this hearing to help save your privilege to drive in Georgia.